CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

People struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol get stuck in the same routine of drinking or using to get through the day. Whether a person is happy, sad, scared, depressed, or angry, their immediate reaction is to drink or use. Addiction is a disease of automatisms, which is why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is strongly encouraged at Pinnacle Peak Recovery.

Pinnacle Peak Recovery Therapy Session

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy isn’t only for people who are trying to recover from active addiction. It’s a therapeutic method that’s used by many therapists who work with people who have behavioral issues. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a method used to help a person explore the different relationships that they have with their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The therapist’s job when working with a client during Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is to help the person discover different patterns of unhealthy thoughts and behaviors that have been self-destructive.

It’s important that the man or woman participating in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy comes into treatment with willingness and an open mind. CBT will explore different thought processes a person has, and often times it requires a person to take a look at beliefs they may have had their entire life. For example, a man may be drinking, using, or pursuing self-destructive behaviors based on their ideas of masculinity. CBT can also help uncover different beliefs involving relationships with others as well as the relationship a person has with oneself.

Why is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Effective?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works for so many people because it helps to train the brain in a new way. The therapy takes a good look at the person’s behaviors, and the person is able to recognize how certain thoughts and behaviors lead to using or picking up that first drink. When a person is able to identify these individual behaviors, they’ll be able to begin working on changing the way he or she reacts to these different situations.

While in treatment, each client will work on identifying the instances that lead to self-destructive behaviors. They will be given suggestions to help replace those old behaviors. For months or years, people have picked up alcohol or drugs for a wide range of different situations. As time goes on, when a person is replacing these old destructive behaviors with new ones, it becomes habit-forming. Rather than turning to these substances, the person may learn to go for a walk, call someone in their support group, or enjoy one of their hobbies.

Pinnacle Peak Recovery will work closely with you during your Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to present you with the guidance you need to replace your old behaviors with healthier choices. Here at Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we’ve seen how CBT can provide clients with long-term results. These methods can be implemented in different aspects of a person’s life, allowing him or her to live happily and freely. All it takes to embrace a recovery program is willingness and an open mind. You too can experience what many other recovering addicts have been able to experience. If you’re ready to begin on this new chapter in your life, contact us today.