Many people don’t realize it, but fitness plays a huge role in recovery from active alcoholism or drug addiction. Whether the person was abusing substances for weeks, months, or years, they’ve disregarded their personal health. Even if the person feels well, they have most likely done damage to their internal organs. Additionally, many symptoms of withdrawal can be alleviated through fitness. Post-acute withdrawal symptoms are also a concern for many people on the path to sobriety, but good fitness habits can help them deal with these issues as well.

At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, each client gets a membership to LA Fitness. Here, clients can work on regaining their health through building muscle, strengthening their cardiovascular system, and learn how to manage different feelings or emotions that may be occurring in early sobriety. Lifting weights, running, jogging and stretching are great ways to begin to relieve stress and anxiety. Some people also choose to use these types of exercises to deal with many of the emotions they experience in recover. This is a great and therapeutic way to get healthy because it is a source of catharsis that will help channel emotions in a positive way.

Why is Fitness Important in Recovery?

Depending on the person’s substance of choice, they may experience a wide range of symptoms. Withdrawal from alcohol can include anxiety, rapid heartbeat and irritability. Symptoms of withdrawal from opiates can include restlessness, anxiety, insomnia and more. All of these symptoms may vary from individual to individual on a case by case basis.

Being able to freely access a gymnasium to exercise can greatly help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. The symptoms of anxiety and depression are due to the brain no longer being stimulated by dopamine, so the person can counteract these withdrawal symptoms with the natural endorphins created through exercise. Throughout a person’s alcohol or drug use, the nervous system and muscles are damaged as well. Light exercise helps the person regenerate these parts of the body so they can begin to feel well again.

Fitness Helps with Ongoing Recovery

Whether the person is a fan of cardio or weight lifting, exercise can be something that helps a person with their long-term recovery. The key to staying sober is to replace old behaviors with new healthy ones. Clients who leave treatment and deal with the stresses associated with work, family life and other day-to-day events will have a new outlet to deal with their emotions rather than picking up a drink or drugs.

Throughout a person’s addiction they may not realize it, but they develop extremely unhealthy lifestyles. Pinnacle Peak Recovery is here to help people build a strong foundation of sobriety so they can see how great they can feel. By getting involved with our fitness program, clients see that it is possible to feel great while sober. This gives clients a new outlook on life, and they begin to pay much more attention to their mental and physical health once they leave our facility. Call us today to learn more about our programs and offerings and how fitness can benefit you or a loved one on your path to sobriety.