Tai Chi

The key to staying sober is learning how to manage emotions in a much healthier way. Alcohol and drugs are only a symptom of the disease of addiction. While at Pinnacle Peak Recovery, clients get down to the causes and conditions of their addiction. They may be drinking or using to cover up traumatic experiences from their past. Some people drink and use to deal with symptoms of anxiety or depression. Others tend to turn to substance abuse issues out of resentments towards people places and institutions. Through Tai Chi, clients learn a better way to deal with life on life’s terms while staying sober one day at a time.

What is Tai Chi?

Typically people think of martial arts as a form of combat. We naturally think of punching, kicking and other fighting techniques, but the art of Tai Chi is much different. Tai Chi is practiced as a meditative martial art that has been being used for over 2,500 years. This martial art is slow and rhythmic, and it’s designed to help people find peace and calmness.

Those who practice Tai Chi learn about their internal energies and how to find balance with these energies. The Mayo Clinic recommends Tai Chi as a way to relieve stress and anxiety, which is why it can be so beneficial when it becomes to addiction treatment. Tai Chi involves deep breathing while making gentle, flowing movements, which can be extremely relaxing.

Why is Tai Chi Effective?

Those who develop an addiction to alcohol or drugs turn to these substances as a solution to their problems. At some point, their solution turns into their primary problem, and it propels the person into a downward spiral. Once a person gets sober, they must learn to deal with life on life’s terms. Those who complete treatment at Pinnacle Peak Recovery will still run into issues of stress, depression and anxiety, but drugs and alcohol will no longer be an option, which is where they’re experience using Tai Chi will be most effective.

In treatment, clients learn the basics of Tai Chi, and most clients immediately begin to see the benefits. Treatment can sometimes be difficult for people at first because they begin to experience a rush of emotions that they’ve been covering up with drugs and alcohol for a long time. Practicing Tai Chi allows clients to stay in the moment and focus on the fluidity of their movements without regretting the past or worrying about the future. The practice of Tai Chi can also be beneficial for regenerating muscles that have been weakened by the person’s substance abuse.

Tai Chi Helps with Long-Term Recovery

At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we want to help people not only get sober, but stay sober as well. We put an emphasis on how everything learned in treatment can be used once the person discharges. Treatment is meant to help clients build a strong foundation so they can have tools to use when they leave and transition back into the real world. Call us today to learn more about our treatment programs and how Tai Chi may be a great treatment option for you or a loved one suffering from addiction.