Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a holistic therapy approach meant to provide calm and reflective rehabilitation through breathing exercises, meditation, postures, and guided imagery to improve both physical and mental health. By combining different techniques, yoga therapy may even promote changes in muscles, joints and organs, altering the vital functions of the body. Yoga therapy has a holistic focus encouraging the integration of body, mind, and spirit.

Why is Yoga Therapy Effective?

People often fall into addiction as a coping mechanism or a way of filling a spiritual void that they feel deep inside of them. People in treatment for addiction have to learn a new and healthier way to handle their emotions and an environment that they have no control over. Practicing yoga is a healthy way to fill that void, making it an ideal complement to conventional chemical dependency treatment.

Along with lowering stress, yoga may help reduce cravings themselves. The intense breathing patterns in combination with postures in yoga release endorphins and restore the brain’s dopamine to healthier levels that may decrease the desire to use or drink. Another benefit of yoga therapy is that it works for all skill levels and many styles to fit all interests. After treatment, many who have participated in yoga continue to practice and try out different styles. One yoga is called laughing yoga. It helps to promote positivity and cheerfulness. Bikram yoga is more intensive and is good for working out excess energy that may otherwise go to bad practices and dangerous situations. Bikram uses a hot room to limber up the muscles as well as elevate the heart rate. Yin yoga focuses more on meditation, making it better for calming practices.

Yoga provides a safe spiritual environment that does not focus on religion. Once the person is out of rehabilitation they can still use yoga on a daily basis to help their day to day relaxation and spiritual growth. There are many yoga groups and communities that promote healthy living that someone out of recovery can join for support.

How Can Pinnacle Peak Recovery Help?

Yoga is one of several components to the treatment programs offered at Pinnacle Peak Recovery. We specialize in providing you or a loved one with the tools to build a life free from dependence after treatment. Sober living is a difficult change for those in recovery and as stress is a common trigger for bad cravings and addictive behavior. Patients need to combat the stress in a manner that is safe and calming. Yoga uses different relaxation techniques to calm troubled minds. It emphasizes stress-reduction and regaining willpower, making it the perfect healthy tool to combat the stress of recovery and the temptation of cravings and addictive behaviors. Recovery is a stressful path to go down. Pinnacle Peak has years of experience treating all types of substance abuse, and will be there to help you travel down the path to sobriety. Yoga therapy is a tool that clients will be able to use to help them for the rest of their lives. Our qualified staff would be delighted to inform you about our program offerings and how our recovery facility can help improve your or your loved one’s life today. To find out more about Pinnacle Peak and our programs, give us a call today. Help is here now!