Services: Drug Rehab

The addiction epidemic in the United States has become an ever-growing issue that most of the country wasn’t ready for. Since the War on Drugs began in the 1970s, the drug addiction problem has actually become worse. From the rise of cocaine use in the 80s to the opiate epidemic that began in the 2000s, thousands of people in the United States have suffered from the disease of addiction, and many families are struggling with trying to handle the situation. Addiction is a major outcome of the growing epidemic and can change a person for the worse. If you or someone you love is struggling with the disease of addiction, there is hope to recover, but it starts by understanding the disease and admitting that there’s a problem.

Drug Rehab Addiction is Progressive and Doesn’t Discriminate

Addiction is an extremely progressive disease. It is cunning, baffling and powerful. Many people who struggle with addiction did not think they would do the things they have done when they first began drinking or using drugs. The disease of addiction centers in the mind and a person eventually becomes dependent and tolerant to the substances they are using. Eventually, the person either needs higher doses of their substance of choice in order to get the feeling their looking for. This could also lead them towards turning to harder substances. The primary example of this is with opiates. Many people suffering from heroin addiction began by abusing prescription painkillers, but they eventually turned to heroin either because it was a cheaper way of getting high or because the pain medications were no longer working the way the person wanted them to.

A common misconception is that addiction only affects certain people. Addiction isn’t limited to certain ethnic groups or social and economic statuses. Throughout the 21st century, more and more people in suburban areas of all ages are becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol. This trend has started to increase the awareness about the problem, but many people still look at addiction as some type of moral failing. The reality of the situation is that the disease of addiction is completely beyond a person’s control if left untreated, and they need the help of qualified professionals in order to properly recover.

How Pinnacle Peak Recovery Can Help

Those who are suffering from addiction often think that they can get sober on their own without understanding the underpinnings of their addiction. Not only is it dangerous to try to quit on one’s own, but it often leads to relapse. It’s important to understand that drug and alcohol abuse is only a symptom of the overall problem. Pinnacle Peak Recovery helps people understand the sources of their drug and alcohol abuse so they can find new ways of dealing with life that don’t involve drugs or alcohol. Whether the person has a mental illness that they were self-medicating or that they were genetically predisposed to addiction, there are ways to get sober and stay sober by coming to treatment.

At Pinnacle Peak, clients go through proven treatment methods to aide in their journey to sobriety. both individual and group therapy sessions to learn more about the disease of addiction as well as how to maintain their sobriety.

Through treatment, you or your loved one will get all of the care and support to begin the healing process. Accredited Pinnacle Peak Recovery is here to show you that it’s not only possible to recover from the seemingly hopeless state of addiction, but it’s also possible to live an incredible life. Call us today to see what we can do for you or a loved on!