group therapy at womens drug rehab programIn order to effectively break free from a drug addiction, rehab is a necessity. While there are plenty of rehab options available, a womens drug rehab program might be the best option. Many women appreciate the safety, community and focus that only a womens drug rehab program can offer.

Creates a Safe Space for Female Patients

Perhaps the biggest reason that women gravitate to rehab programs specifically for women is because they offer a feeling of safety and security. Many times, a co-ed setting can’t deliver the same. Many women who are struggling with drug addiction have unresolved issues relating to men. While rehab can be a great time to deal with those issues and concerns, it might be easier to do so in a space that is exclusively female.

A number of women in rehab have a history of trauma in their past. They may have been victims or sexual or domestic abuse, or they may simply have been discriminated against or taken advantage of in the throes of their addiction. Having men around during rehab can set back the recovery process.

In some cases, women may feel vulnerable when around men. During group therapy, they may not be able to be open about sexual abuse or assault. Additionally, in community spaces, relaxing completely might be impossible with men around. The best way to eliminate these issues is to allow women to complete rehab in a space where other women are the only patients.

A Womens Drug Rehab Program Reduces Sexual or Romantic Relationships

Nearly all professionals recommend that those who are in treatment programs for drug addiction avoid romantic or sexual relationships. These relationships, rather than being a source of support or comfort, can often distract from the bigger issues and set back recovery. For this reason alone, a womens drug rehab program is a good idea.

In a facility specifically for female patients, there is a far smaller chance of forming romantic relationships with the opposite sex. This is critical, as it allows patients to focus entirely on their own personal recovery.

In some cases, female patients fall into relationship patterns simply because there are men around. Boredom, or a reluctance to delve headfirst into recovery, can cause people to lose focus. By removing men from the equation, just for the short period of rehab, it can be better in the long run for both groups.

Allows for Topics Specific to Female Patients

Group therapy and educational meetings are common elements of drug rehab. These meetings are a chance for patients to share experiences with one another. Additionally, they may also learn information that can help them on their journeys. By creating a space exclusively for women, therapists can target topics specific to females in recovery.

In a group of both men and women, for example, women may be uncomfortable sharing past experiences relating to sexual assault or domestic abuse. On the other side of that coin, a man who committed a sexual crime while under the influence may trigger a woman.

Women can comfortably share experiences in groups exclusively for them. Topics like the role of a wife or retaining sobriety to parent better will be easier to broach.

Offers Amenities and Therapies Targeting Women

The basic curriculum of recovery from drug addiction is the same whether patients are male or female. However, a rehab program just for women can emphasize the amenities that are most desirable to women. This can include fitness facilities or yoga spaces, and it can make for a more enjoyable rehabilitation.

A womens drug rehab program might be the best way to end your addiction. At Pinnacle Peak Recovery in Scottsdale, Arizona, you can recover in a safe, secure and comfortable way. Call 866-954-0524 to learn more about beginning a womens rehab program that can help you achieve your goals.