Dual Diagnosis Treatment

There are many different reasons as to why people become addicted to drugs or alcohol. There are those who are genetically predisposed to the disease of addiction, and some people develop a dependence to drugs or alcohol over time when turning to substances for any number of reasons. One of the most common reasons for addiction is when someone suffers from a mental illness. Depending on the situation, the person may have self-medicated with drugs or alcohol or became dependent to their medications that were used to keep their mental illness under control. When a person is suffering from an addiction as well as a mental illness, it’s referred to as a dual diagnosis.

The Problem with Self-Medicating a Mental Health Disorder

There’s sometimes a stigma about mental illness when people don’t properly understand how mental illnesses work. It’s completely normal for people to have symptoms of depression or anxiety throughout their life, but the average person’s brain can stabilize the body’s chemicals so they return to a normal state. Those suffering from a mental illness have a mind that’s often incapable of balancing chemicals that allow us to feel and function like most of the people in the world. When symptoms of mental illness occur, it can be scary and confusing.

Due to the lack of education about mental illness, some people don’t know what to do when they experience the symptoms chronically. Some people are afraid to tell others about how they are feeling or they believe that they can get through it on their own. Common causes of addiction are when a person uses drugs or alcohol to get rid of feelings they have or they’re trying to create a certain feeling to avoid the symptoms of mental illness. Eventually, the mind correlates certain feelings and emotions with drinking or using. Thus the person becomes dependent to the substances their abusing in order to remedy a problem. This progresses into an addiction.

Why do you need dual diagnosis treatment?

Many people who come into treatment don’t realize that they were self-medicating a mental illness. Through dual diagnosis treatment, the individual is assessed for symptoms of mental illness. A qualified professional can help the person learn how to manage their symptoms in a much healthier way. For those who already had knowledge of their mental illness but became addicted to medications prescribed specifically for a mental illness, it’s important to find alternatives to dealing with these symptoms that don’t involve narcotic medications.

Those who have been identified as dual diagnosis individuals are at a much higher risk of relapse if they have not received treatment that tackles both the mental illness and addiction as a whole. By going through treatment at Pinnacle Peak Recovery, you’ll be given tools that will allow you to manage your mental illness through sober means.

At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, you’ll have a personalized treatment program that’s meant to give you the best care possible for your specific needs. Working with our treatment professionals will allow you to see that it is possible to live an incredible life free from addiction. Pinnacle Peak Recovery will teach you how to manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, & PTSD so that you can leave our facility with the confidence that you can live the life that you deserve. Contact us to learn more about our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs and how we can help you or a loved one today!