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You’ve been in a rut for a while. It’s been hard to find the energy to go to work every day, much less the time to take care of yourself. When it’s difficult to get out of bed in the morning, ensuring you’re eating properly can quickly fall to the wayside. Unfortunately, poor eating habits can worsen mental health conditions. Nutrition also has a direct impact on a person’s overall wellness and ability to heal. 

Nutrition Program Pinnacle Peak

Whether you’re managing a substance use disorder, a mental health condition, or a combination of the two – prioritizing your nutrition is important. When working toward a path of long-term recovery, addressing this self-care deficit should be just as important as other aspects of therapy and healing.

This is where our nutritional wellness program comes into play at Pinnacle Peak. We know exactly how a lack of adequate nutrition can affect the healing process. Learning how to fuel our bodies properly creates lives that are healthy and whole. Let’s talk more about exactly what our nutrition program is and how it contributes to long-term recovery. 

What We Treat: Relearning Self-Care in Recovery

There are many studies that have highlighted the direct correlation between self-care and mental health. They show that making sure you set aside time to address your physical and mental needs leads to lower levels of stress(1). They also highlight how things like depression can lower self-care because it can feel like it isn’t worth it, or like you aren’t worth the time and care(2).

Substance use can do the same thing. Not only has substance use been shown to directly affect mental health and contribute to depression and anxiety, but it can have side effects that impact how we eat. Things like lowered appetite, nausea, and damage to our digestive system will impact how we absorb nutrition and how we care for ourselves.

Nutrition Program

How We Treat: The Healing Benefits of Nutritional Wellness

Just as a good recovery program should take steps to teach you how to manage your mental health, triggers, and more, why should it ignore giving you the tools to address your physical help? 

When self-care routines are neglected, it can take a concentrated effort to relearn these routines. Other times good methods of self-care might not have been established in the first place. Either way, as a facility dedicated to patient-focused care and well-rounded recovery, we utilize our nutritional wellness program to help set you up for success.

Far more than just a nutritious menu, this program is designed to make healthy food choices a permanent part of your life in recovery. To provide our clients with the best, we have two very important people to drive this program – a master chef and a licensed clinical nutritionist.

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The Importance of Nutrition to Substance Abuse Recovery

Eating well helps our bodies and minds in a multitude of ways. Not only does it provide us with the energy we need to complete day-to-day tasks, but it also impacts how we look and feel. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. By placing additional emphasis on the steps needed to care for yourself, we strive to help people lead lives they’re happier with.

Good nutrition is the foundation of many things. It can impact hair growth, skin quality, energy levels, concentration, memory, and more. Over 30% of adults in Arizona reported eating fruits or vegetables less than once daily. We provide our clients with a variety of meals that are prepped with care and dedication, geared toward helping them feel better.

Our Nutrition Professionals - Meet Chef Paul Lindsey

Chef Paul Lindsey

Chef Paul Lindsey is one of the leads of our nutritional wellness program. He works at 2322 and is passionate about providing nutritious and diverse meals for all who are working on their road of recovery. Paul is also in long-term recovery. His journey of healing away from substance use is part of what drives him to want to give back and help others get the well-rounded care they deserve during their own journeys. He works hard to ensure that the menu and recipes he creates and provides for everyone at Pinnacle Peak are the best they can be. 

How Our Nutrition Program Works

Paul is very adamant about his work as a chef because he knows “food creates a great stability once you start eating properly.” Chef Paul’s foods are nutrient-dense, minimally processed, and made with love and care. Adding love and care to food often means utilizing chilis and spices from all over the world to put a new and exciting twist on familiar dishes. 

Paul cares about providing fresh and locally sourced ingredients to those he prepares food for. He knows his local fish and meat providers personally, and he sources vegetables from local farms and vendors. Paul and his team are committed to accommodating individuals with diet restrictions or food allergies, providing curated meals to everyone. 

An Insight on Nutritional Wellness from Lori Binder L.Ac., CN, MT

Lori Binder

The first year after someone stops engaging in substance use is critical when it comes to nutrition. Alcohol and some drugs can damage the gut so it can’t absorb food properly. The gut needs to re-learn how to accept the nutrients available in healthy foods. 

It’s also when someone’s nutritional needs are higher than normal. This can also include when someone is working toward recovery from mental health conditions as well. After long periods of time without proper nutrition, utilizing it can set up a stronger foundation for focusing on healing and self-worth.

“…the second brain lies in the gut”, Lorie Binder, a licensed acupuncturist and clinical nutritionist at Pinnacle Peak Recovery says. “At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we offer nutritional education classes to build a lasting foundation for living a healthy life.”

Replacing One Craving With Another - Addressing Substance Use’s Correlation With Sugar and Caffeine 

Food is one of the first things used as a coping mechanism by those recovering from drug or alcohol misuse. When people are new to recovery, they’ll often replace their drug of choice with sugar or caffeine because of the similar highs and lows. 

By offering a nutritional program dedicated to providing high-quality, well-rounded meals, we can start clients on a path that doesn’t include too much sugar or caffeine. We strive to address these potential concerns ahead of time and include them in our teachings for long-term recovery. These teachings pair well with many aspects of therapy and recovery. The goal is to help you become more familiar with what your body is telling you. We add to that by teaching you what you should be providing to your body, both physically and mentally. By knowing what you need versus what you want, you can learn to address cravings and triggers in healthy ways. 

Learn More About Nutrition at Pinnacle Peak

Our nutrition program is a core component of our recovery services here at Pinnacle Peak. Whether you’re seeking help for substance use, mental health conditions, or a combination of the two – our team is dedicated to providing you with all of the care you need to build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

There’s no wrong time to start your recovery journey. If you have any questions about our programs, insurance, or anything else don’t hesitate to give us a call at 866-377-4761. Our team at Pinnacle Peak is here and ready to help you whenever you’re ready. 

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