Nutrition Program in Scottsdale, Arizona

When a person is struggling with substance use, their nutrition often takes a back seat. This decreases a person’s overall wellness and slows the healing process. Substance use can: 

  • Affect a person’s appetite
  • Cause a person to skip meals
  • Contribute to unhealthy eating habits
  • Cause the loss of nutrients through vomiting and diarrhea
  • Cause damage to the gut and a decreased ability to absorb nutrients

Nutrition Program Pinnacle Peak

At Pinnacle Peak, we believe ending substance use is just one part of attaining recovery. Learning how to live and how to fuel our bodies properly helps individuals in recovery create lives that are healthy and whole.

To serve our clients in their whole person recovery and support their future healthy lifestyles, Pinnacle Peak has developed a nutritional program. Far more than just a nutritious menu, this program is designed to make healthy food choices a permanent part of a client’s life in recovery. 

To this end, we have brought on two very important people to execute this aspect of our program. A master chef and a licensed clinical nutritionist. 

Chef Paul Lindsey

Chef Paul Lindsey

Chef Paul Lindsey is the chef for Pinnacle Peak Recovery. He works at 2322 and is passionate about providing diverse and nutritious meals. Paul is also in recovery, and when he was using drugs or drinking, he wasn’t providing his body with the nutrients it needed. This is partly why he’s so passionate about the menu and recipes he creates for Pinnacle Peak. He knows that eating poorly can affect your state of mind and your gut health.

Recovery is about wellness, which encompasses the body, mind, and spirit. Paul believes that nutritious whole foods can promote overall wellness, making the recovery process easier and more long-lasting. He also believes in the process of slow cooking, which is the process of making foods that take time to prepare. He has a propensity for braising meats because the more time that is taken, the more love will come through in the dish. 

Paul cares about providing fresh and locally sourced ingredients to those he prepares food for. He knows his local fish and meat providers personally, and he sources vegetables from local farms and vendors.

Paul is passionate about his work as a chef because he knows “food creates a great stability once you start eating properly.” Paul knows from experience that individuals who are struggling with a substance use disorder often do not prioritize their nutrition, which is counterintuitive to the recovery process.

Chef Paul’s foods are nutrient-dense, minimally processed, and made with love and care. Adding love and care to food often means utilizing chilis and spices from all over the world to put a new and exciting twist on familiar dishes. 

Paul and his team are committed to accommodating individuals with diet restrictions or food allergies. All of his food is high-quality – special diets are never an afterthought. Chef Paul is committed to providing quality meals to everyone, regardless of their dietary needs.

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Lori Binder L.Ac., CN, MT

Lori Binder

Lori Binder is a licensed acupuncturist and clinical nutritionist at Pinnacle Peak Recovery. The first year after someone stops drinking or using drugs is critical when it comes to nutrition. It’s also when someone’s nutritional needs are higher than normal. Alcohol and some drugs can damage the gut so it can’t absorb food properly. The gut needs to re-learn how to accept the nutrients available in healthy foods. 

When people are new to recovery, they’ll often replace their drug of choice with sugar or caffeine because of the similar highs and lows. Food is one of the first things used as a coping mechanism in those recovering from drug or alcohol misuse. Unhealthy foods affect a person’s mood and cravings, so they can prevent a person from consuming what their body truly needs. This can turn into an unhealthy cycle that can be just as hard to break as addiction. 

Healthy, nutrient-dense foods create a greater chance of success in maintaining sobriety. They must be consumed every day to keep up with the nutritional demands of someone trying to heal from drug and alcohol use. 

“…the second brain lies in the gut”, Lorie Binder says. “At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we offer nutritional education classes to build a lasting foundation for living a healthy life.”

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Pinnacle Peak Recovery is committed to helping you achieve wellness. This means addressing all aspects of your physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. We are glad to have Chef Paul Lindsey and clinical nutritionist Lori Binder with us to provide quality meals that will make you excited about nutrition. 

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