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alcoholic wife holding a glass of wine while husband works in the backgroundIf your spouse is addicted to alcohol, you may be feeling scared, confused and angry. Having an alcoholic wife can baffle any person because it seems as though the person you married is no longer there. Many stay with their spouse because they’re waiting for the day when that person returns to normal. That day may never come unless they get help.

Alcoholism not only affects the spouse. It drastically affects children, as well. Children of someone struggling with alcoholism are more prone to mental illness as well as developing addiction themselves. There is hope for your wife to recover though, and it starts with understanding that she’s dealing with an illness.

Dealing with an Alcoholic Wife is Dealing with a Sick Person

Alcoholism is a type of illness, and it can be potentially fatal. It’s important to understand that you’re dealing with an illness for a variety of reasons. When someone cannot control their drinking, it’s easy to look at that person and believe they’re just choosing alcohol over their loved ones. This isn’t the case. Many people struggling with alcoholism would stop if they could. However, they have a mind that tells them they need alcohol in order to be well. Understanding that alcoholism is an illness will also help you understand that you cannot love a person into sobriety.  As with other illnesses, it takes professional help in order to recover.

Talking to an Alcoholic Wife

Depending on the severity of your wife’s addiction to alcohol, you’ll need to have either an informal or formal intervention. An informal intervention is simply bringing up the idea that your wife seek help. Believe it or not, sometimes this thought has never crossed a person’s mind or they’ve been too afraid to ask.

In the early stages of addiction, an informal intervention may be all it takes. If not, you must have a formal intervention where you give your wife an ultimatum when it comes to seeking help. There comes a point where a person must be pushed in order to have the clarity they need to get help.

Getting Help Through Alcohol Addiction Treatment

It is possible for your wife to become the woman you married, and Pinnacle Peak Recovery wants to help. We’re an addiction treatment center located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We’re here to help your wife overcome her issues with alcoholism, as well as help the family deal with the devastating fallout of alcoholism. If your wife has been struggling with mental health issues like anxiety or depression, these symptoms will be treated separately to give her the best chance to recover. If your wife has insurance, we’ll work with your insurance provider to help assist with the costs associated with alcoholism treatment. Find out more about how we can help you get your wife back by calling us at 866-377-4761.


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