Treatment Guarantee

Our team at Pinnacle Peak Recovery, located in Arizona, understands that recovery isn’t always a straight line. We’re dedicated to your recovery, regardless of whatever roadblocks you may or may not encounter along the way. 

We believe in our methods and dedication to our clients so strongly that we offer a treatment guarantee. Let’s go into more detail about this, what the program looks like, and how we plan to guide you through long-term recovery.

Our Treatment Guarantee

Our guarantee extends beyond a simple, set-in-stone treatment program. No single path is perfect for everyone, and we live by that in the way we treat and work with our clients. As a part of our Proven Process, we track progress as a client moves through the program. Our team works alongside our clients and will react to success, or lack thereof, in real-time. The program is adaptable, and we will adjust it as clients move through the process in order to continue to ensure that it’s fitting each client’s specific needs. This level of flexibility and tailored care has been shown to be more effective and successful in setting the foundation for long-term recovery. It also helps reduce drop-out rates.

If clients go through all eight steps of our proven process program, then they’re eligible for our treatment guarantee. This means that at any point within the year following their treatment program completion, our team will continue to support them if relapse or other concerns arise. 

What is Our Guarantee?

How do you define “success” within recovery? While this exact definition varies between clients, at Pinnacle Peak Recovery we have set a focus on what we see as the start of success. We define long-term success as achieving one year of continuous sobriety. Milestones are significant when it comes to recovery, and a year of sobriety provides a strong foundation for a lifetime of recovery.

Our guarantee is that you will continue to find support and care throughout your recovery journey. We see our clients like family, and we strive to emulate that in everything we do – this means not abandoning them just because they’re no longer within our doors.

It’s important to note that the goal of our guarantee program is to provide a support system, and it’s not a replacement for a person’s individual commitment to their recovery. We want to work alongside you to help you achieve your healing goals. 

Alumni Success Metrics

For clients who successfully completed our proven process
69.21% response rate
70.30% made it to at least 1 year of continuous sobriety
91.86% are compliant with their medication
71.84% have regular contact with their Primary Care Physician
83.11% are currently employed

pinnacle peak recovery guarantee

PPR Guarantee: If you relapse within your first year of recovery after successfully completing our proven process, we will bring you back in for 30 days of residential at no cost.


What happens if I leave early?

If a client is admitted under the terms of this guarantee they must complete the entire length of stay. Any early departure for any reason will result in forfeiture of the remaining days. 

What About Travel Expenses?

The client will be responsible for any travel expenses getting to or from the treatment facility.

What is Covered Under the Guarantee?

The treatment episode is covered. Ancillary services, medications, and certain other charges are the client’s responsibility.

How Do I Claim the Guarantee?

Give us a call at 866-377-4761 to let us know you are claiming the guarantee. We will help you determine your eligibility and get you set up. 

Pinnacle Peak’s Treatment Guarantee: Terms and Conditions

  1. Scope: This guarantee applies to any individual who has successfully completed our “Proven Process.”
  2. Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for this guarantee, the individual must have completed our program in its entirety and complied with all its requirements.
  3. Guarantee Period: This guarantee is effective for one (1) year following the date of successful completion of the program.
  4. Relapse: In the event of a relapse within one year of completion, we will provide additional treatment support. The nature and extent of this support will be determined through a comprehensive assessment by our team of professionals.
  5. Treatment Options: After the assessment, if residential treatment is deemed appropriate, we will provide 30 days of residential care at our treatment center. However, if outpatient treatment is determined to be more beneficial, we will provide 60 days of outpatient treatment services. The choice between residential and outpatient treatment will be made solely by our team of professionals based on the individual's needs and circumstances.
  6. Guarantee Expiry: This guarantee becomes null and void one year after the date of successful completion of the program. Any relapse occurring after this one-year period will not be covered by this guarantee.
  7. Non-transferability: This guarantee is non-transferable and applies solely to the individual who completed the treatment program.
  8. Claiming the Guarantee: To claim the guarantee, the individual must contact our center directly and provide full details of their situation. Our team will then conduct an assessment to determine the appropriate course of action.
  9. Limitations: This guarantee does not cover instances where the individual discontinues their recovery efforts, does not comply with our team's recommendations, or engages in any behavior that compromises their recovery.
  10. Modification & Termination: We reserve the right to modify or terminate this guarantee at any time, with or without notice. However, any changes will not affect guarantees already in place.

Please note that this guarantee is intended to support individuals in their recovery journey, not to replace or supersede ongoing personal commitment to recovery. It is crucial that each individual continues their efforts and follows all recommended recovery strategies, even after successful completion of the program.

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