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Addiction to drugs and alcohol impact people in different ways, which is why it is important to take these differences into consideration when you or your loved one are searching for substance use treatment. While there are treatment programs located across the country, drug and alcohol rehab in Arizona is one of the premier destinations for addiction treatment.

Pinnacle Peak Recovery does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment, which is why we offer multiple different forms of drug rehabilitation and therapies. Our goal is to expose our clients to as many forms of treatment as possible, so once they complete our continuum of care they know what works for them and what doesn’t.

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Addiction Treatment Rehab Centers Near You

At Pinnacle Peak Recovery we view addiction as a serious disease which requires comprehensive, individualized therapy in order for our clients to be successful. No one person faces the same issues or has the same specific needs. This is why our team of medical professionals, licensed therapists and support staff will fully assess you or your loved one’s situation carefully to develop a personalized drug rehabilitation program. This may include:

  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Inpatient drug rehab
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Sober living
  • Aftercare program

Our team will work to make sure that you receive a comprehensive continuum of care which will set you on the path to success and out of the darkness of addiction. Our beautiful facility is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, just outside of Phoenix. Our rehab is a safe, soothing and comfortable place for anyone to receive the drug rehabilitation that they need to begin their lifelong journey of recovery and happiness.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment for men and women

Substance use affects men and women differently, and the most effective methods of recovery differ as well. For this reason, there are specialized treatments available depending on the gender of the patient.

Pinnacle Peak Recovery offers specialized treatment for men who are seeking to break their pattern of addiction. In these programs, men are limited in their interaction with women to completely focus on treatment. This allows male patients to be more open and vulnerable with the therapists and other men in their treatment group. By working strictly with other men, patients can focus solely on issues that pertain to them during their recovery.

We offer treatment programs specially created for women, because women also tend to benefit more from individualized care that meets their specific needs during treatment. Women generally make more progress toward recovery when they can get away from the stressors of everyday life. Being separated from men also reduces the potentially distracting desire to seek romantic relationships while at the treatment center.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Recovery

Many people who are seeking addiction treatment in Arizona also find themselves struggling with other significant issues which impact their quality of life. While treating substance use is crucial, often times a successful long-term outcome can depend on the proper treatment of these co-occurring issues in addition to the substance use. Scottsdale, Arizona has many dual diagnosis treatment centers which specialize in treating an array of issues which are common in those who also struggle with drug addiction and alcoholism. 

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These specialized addiction treatment centers, while at one time uncommon, have become more available in recent years as substance use treatment professionals begin to recognize the strong correlation between treating issues like anxiety, depression and trauma during an individual’s stay in a treatment facility and their eventual success after leaving. Dual diagnosis rehabs often times have some of the highest success rates for this reason.

Whether co-occurring issues are the driving reason behind someone’s urge to drink alcohol or use drugs, or if the issues are a result of a person’s addiction, properly treating them is of the utmost importance if the patient is to experience long-term sobriety. These co-occurring disorders can come in many forms. All of which can have a significant impact not only on someone’s potential for addiction, but they can also have a negative impact on their attempts at recovery if not properly treated. Here are some of the most common issues that individuals who suffer from substance use also struggle with:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Borderline personality
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Our addiction treatment center in Arizona offers forms of therapy for dual-diagnosis treatment including:

  • Evidence based therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Holistic treatment
  • Family therapy

Our treatment program can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days or in some cases even longer. Every person’s situation and needs are different; however, we always suggest someone complete the longest drug rehabilitation program we offer. This initial length of stay, when combined with our outpatient and aftercare services, provide an extensive continuum of care which can establish a rock-solid foundation for recovery.

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Evidence Based Addiction Therapy 

While there are many forms of treatment that we use here at Pinnacle Peak Recovery, evidence-based therapy makes up a significant part of the treatment program for many of our clients. Our team of master’s level, state-licensed therapists analyze each individual client’s situation and develop a treatment plan for them. A treatment plan, which usually includes forms of evidence-based therapy, can include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • EMDR: Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing
  • Psychological assessments

These forms of therapy have been clinically proven to provide support for individuals who are struggling with addiction as well as co-occurring disorders. At our rehab in Arizona, all our evidence-based therapies are done by state licensed therapists who have many years of experience treating substance use as well as various emotional, mental and behavioral disorders.

Experiential Therapy Program

Recovering from substance use is about a lot more than simply abstaining from drugs and alcohol. Recovery is about undergoing a complete lifestyle change, achieving a life of happiness and success that one can be proud of. Many addicts and alcoholics struggle with life skills and how to go about their days without use of substances like drugs or alcohol. Many of our clients find it difficult to remember what living life without these substances was like before their addictions.

This is why some of our experiential therapies are implemented, to make sure that each of our clients leaves our addiction, treatment center with the life, skills and knowledge of how to have fun in recovery and beat their addiction once and for all.

At our addiction treatment center in Arizona we utilize multiple experiential therapies which aim to provide our clients with emotional and creative outlets that they can use not only while they are in our care, but for the rest of their lives. We also utilize ways to teach and reinforce crucial life skills for our clients to make sure that they are ready and able to tackle a life of sobriety once they go back out into the world. Some experiential therapies that we offer are:

  • Equine therapy
  • Exercise regimens
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Resume building and interview training

When combined with our continuum of care, these experiential therapies not only help a person achieve lifelong sobriety but also to become a well-rounded and satisfied individual capable of achieving anything.

Holistic Treatment Programs

At Pinnacle Peak Recovery we also believe there is a strong spiritual and emotional aspect of recovery which can be addressed using certain holistic methods. Holistic treatment methods focus on addressing the individual, aiming to align a person’s mind, body and spirit. Holistic treatment also allows clients to achieve peace and happiness without use of mind or mood-altering substances. For thousands of years, people have been using holistic treatment to help with many issues ranging from physical pain to emotional instability. These are some holistic therapies that we offer to our clients:

holistic therapy
  • Yoga
  • Reiki
  • Tai Chi
  • Meditation
  • Scenic hiking
  • Healthy and nutritious meal plans

While these treatments are not suitable for every client, a majority of them find them beneficial in their recovery and continue these practices after leaving our rehab.

What Our Valued Patients Say

Individualized Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

We know that there are many options for addiction treatment in Arizona, but Pinnacle Peak Recovery is proud to offer the most individualized treatment programs available at any drug rehab facility in the entire nation. With decades of combined experience in the field of substance use treatment, our clinical and executive staff knows that cookie-cutter treatment programs are not the way for clients to overcome addiction. Everyone has a unique constellation of issues, struggles and needs which require a different combination of therapies and techniques to fully recover.

For this, each of our clients is fully assessed by our team upon admitting to our program. Our medical and clinical staff take a close look at every client’s medical history, family history, past trauma, psychological situation and treatment history. With this information on hand, the team can individually craft a treatment program made up of specific therapies and treatments which are best suited to help you or your loved one gain the sobriety that they need.

Due to our individualized treatment programs, our clients not only achieve significant success rates, but report some of the highest patient satisfaction in the entire substance use treatment industry.

Alumnus Services and Support Groups

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At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we believe that each and every one of our clients is family. One of the ways that we achieve such a close-knit community among our staff, alumni and current clients is by offering extensive alumni services. These services include: weekly alumni meetings, regular community events and alumni outreach coordinators which are there to help guide and support clients long after they leave our program.

Another advantage of our alumni services is our current clients can witness first hand that success and recovery is possible. One of the most significant roadblocks for many people who are early in recovery is they find it hard to believe it is truly possible to get better. Our weekly alumni meetings and regular community events allow our clients to interact with graduates of our program who have continued their life of sobriety, giving our current clients a sense of hope and future aspiration.

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