Privacy Policy

Pinnacle Peak Recovery values your privacy, and we work to do everything we can in order to protect you. Generally speaking, any information we gather is only used by us to help you. We don’t in general share or sell your information to other organizations for any sort of commercial purpose. And we don’t form special relationships with ad server companies.

In specific, we do collect email addresses from people who contact us through email, or when email address information is volunteered through surveys or site registrations. Any email address information we collect is not sold or shared with any other organization for a commercial purpose. In addition to the email address rules, we also do not set cookies for your web browser. All it takes to stop receiving email from us in future this to contact us via email and let us know. If you provide us with your physical address, we may contact you through mail to share information about new service, new products, or new events. If you wish to stop receiving these mailings, please call us via phone with your exact name and address. We can quickly and easily remove you from the list.

If you give us your telephone number through site registrations or emails, we may contact you in order to share information about new opportunities or new events that are in the upcoming future. If you do not wish to receive these kinds of calls, please contact us via phone or email with your full name and phone number.

We work hard to maintain transparency and openness when it comes to privacy policies and changes. So if our privacy policy ever changes, or if new circumstances or products lead to using customer information in new or unanticipated ways, we may update the privacy policy. This is a natural process, because privacy policies can’t possibly include every unanticipated situation. If any of our information-using or -sharing practices change at any time in the future, we will post the policy changes on our website in order to notify you. We’ll also give you the option of opting out any new uses. That means that if you are concerned about your customer information, you should check our website periodically. Calling us at the number provided is how you prevent your information from being used for purposes that are outside the scope of the reasons for which it was originally collected.

If you’re ever curious about the contact information we have about you, we can provide that on your request. You can access that information by writing to us.

Our security policies follow the appropriate safeguards and measures at our physical facility to avoid the loss, leaking, alteration, or misuse of information. Any concerns about our security or privacy policies, or if you believe that our policies are not being followed, can be addressed by contacting us via phone or mail.