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Treatment is about preparation and planning. With the right treatment, our Arizona drug rehab center will prepare you for a life free from the bondage of addiction.

Our passionate team of care providers utilizes cutting-edge treatment modalities and provides clinically appropriate and therapeutic tools to our clients.

Road to Recovery
Treatment is only as good as the path to sobriety. We work hard to plan, prepare and set you on a path for success. We treat the disease and recover from addiction.

Pinnacle Peak Recovery was featured on A&E's hit tv show Intervention to remedy drug abuse

What Our Valued Patients Say

Recovery at Our Patient Focused Scottsdale Treatment Facility

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is nothing to be ashamed of, however, most people who struggle with substance use require professional help to recover. Our Arizona rehab program offers truly individualized treatment that will allow you or your loved one to overcome substance use disorder and live free of addiction. Located just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, in Scottsdale’s beautiful Sonoran Desert, our recovery center offers fully individualized treatment for men and women, including those struggling with a dual diagnosis. Healing begins here.

Rehab Center in Scottsdale, Arizona

Let the team at our Scottsdale drug rehab guide your journey.

Beat Addiction in Our Beautiful Arizona Rehab Center

Recovery from drug addiction requires more than just a quick stay at any treatment center; it requires extensive, evidence-based therapy which will allow for a complete lifestyle change. At Pinnacle Peak Recovery we offer multiple levels of care including medication-assisted treatment (MAT) during drug or alcohol detoxification at our new Scottsdale detox center. MAT and detox are utilized as treatments that can offer comfort and safety in recovery when a person needs it most. All of the treatments available at Pinnacle Peak Recovery help individuals break the cycle of addiction to drugs or alcohol and regain control of their lives.

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What We Treat

Undoubtedly, addiction to drugs like heroin, alcohol, methamphetamine, and cocaine is a serious disease. While there are many options for treatment, our drug rehab program in Arizona is among the best due to our extensive and individualized continuum of care.  

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fentanyl addiction treatment
cocaine addiction treatment
meth addiction treatment
benzodiazepine addiction treatment

We Are In-Network With Most Major Health Insurance Carriers

Getting help at our Scottsdale recovery center is not prohibitively expensive. At Pinnacle Peak Recovery we believe that substance use treatment should be available to everyone. We accept most major health insurance plans, and we also have discounted self-pay rates for those without insurance.
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Our Treatment Programs

Pinnacle Peak Recovery offers the full spectrum of addiction recovery programs from detox through aftercare. No matter what stage of recovery you are in, our Scottsdale rehab facility can help you complete the journey.


Inpatient Treatment

If you need to have a full time treatment experience, inpatient treatment is right for you


Outpatient Treatment

If you need to continue your day to day life, outpatient treatment would suit you


Detox Program

If you will be experiencing withdrawals, a detox program is your best option

Get Treatment Today at our Scottsdale Drug Rehab

Many of the clients at our drug rehab in Arizona not only struggle with substance use or alcoholism, but also with co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, trauma or other behavioral health issues. Treating these mental disorders during someone’s treatment is crucial to long term success. Pinnacle Peak Recovery’s drug rehab program has an effective dual diagnosis treatment component, which helps uncover and address each client’s individual struggles to make sure that they can live a happy and prosperous life upon completing our program.

We also don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach to addiction recovery. Our rehab program in Arizona offers fully individualized treatment for each client. With the help of our diverse collection of treatment methods, our licensed therapists can utilize the specific methods that are most effective for you, ensuring a pleasant and productive treatment program experience.

Addiction Can Be Beat! Contact Pinnacle Peak Today

At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we believe that a safe, supportive and comfortable living environment is a crucial aspect of any drug and alcohol treatment program. Clients who are participating in our extended care program may live in large, upscale homes in the beautiful desert surroundings of Scottsdale, Arizona. Our sober living partners maintain a healthy, structured and fully staffed living environment for our clients, so they can focus on themselves, their treatment and their recovery.

Considered one of the best rehabs in Arizona, Pinnacle Peak Recovery is proud to be accredited by the Joint Commission, which independently certifies only the best treatment programs across the country.

Learn more about what Pinnacle Peak Recovery offers and to learn more about addiction through our most popular blog posts:

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