Proven Process

Pinnacle Peak Recovery offers people seeking help managing mental health, trauma, or substance use disorders a full range of recovery programming and treatment options from detox to aftercare. By understanding that no two people are the same, we can craft a treatment process that goes beyond what most providers offer, creating an environment with a proven track record for success that other treatment facilities cannot match.

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Why Does Tracking Progress Matter?

Here at Pinnacle Peak, we use our clinical outcomes data to steer not only singular patient care planning but also as a guide for our entire clinical practice. At the patient level, tracking progress allows staff and patients to see success, or lack thereof, in real time and adjust the course of care accordingly. Flexible, actively monitored, and tailored care plans are more successful in ensuring long-term recovery as well as reducing client drop-out rates.

Additionally, by collecting longitudinal clinical outcomes and progress data, Pinnacle Peak has been able to guide the course of our programming and develop our services to meet and exceed industry standards. By examining the places where our programming succeeds and where it needs improvement, we have been able to adjust our clinical management, and staffing, as well as address any issues that may arise early and proactively. Collecting this type of data can also benefit the continued research within academia on substance use. Tracking progress and clinical outcomes is beneficial from the single client all the way to the greater systemic level. 

Our Process

Pinnacle Peak has developed an evidence-based care continuum that not only addresses clients wherever they are in their journey to recovery but also gives them the best chance at lasting recovery.

Our proven process consists of eight steps and is what Pinnacle Peak structures its programming around. Clients might use all or only a few of these steps depending on their level of need. Regardless of where you fall on the continuum, it can be helpful to understand how these steps fit together and where they fit into the journey toward your recovery.

proven process

Step One - Pre-Screen: During our pre-screening process, we contact potential clients, verify their insurance and payment methods, give pre-screening assessments, and then get clinical and medical approval for clients to receive treatment at Pinnacle Peak.

Step Two - Intake: During intake, we try to make sure that our clients know what to expect and are comfortable at Pinnacle Peak. During this time they will complete an orientation, receive a facility tour, receive a clinical, psychiatric, and medical evaluation, then have a treatment plan developed. During this time we encourage our clients to ask questions and try to make sure that they are as informed, prepared, and as comfortable as they can be.

Step Three - Detox: Arguably one of the most difficult parts of recovery, Pinnacle Peak offers 24-hour mental health and medical services to our clients in detox as well as catered meals and medication management.

Step Four - Residential: Following detox, our clients get integrated into the structured, nurturing environment of Pinnacle Peak's residential care. Our state-of-the-art facility, brimming with modern amenities, is designed to support our client’s journey. With comprehensive clinical programming, round-the-clock nursing staff, catered meals, and immediate access to both medical and mental health professionals, we ensure their needs are met in a setting that fosters recovery and growth.

Step Five - Day Treatment (PHP): Our day treatment program provides a smooth start of the transition from inpatient to ongoing support for our clients. This full-day programming is available five days a week. Along with our Day Treatment at Pinnacle Peak, we offer the flexibility of supportive housing. Clients benefit from personalized therapy, holistic case management, and on-demand access to mental health and medical professionals during their treatment.

Step Six - Intensive Outpatient (IOP): IOP allows another step down from PHP while still allowing clients access to treatment multiple times a week. This program promotes balance with an array of group and individual therapies, all within the supportive environment of our optional housing. During this time clients will experience our unique experiential offerings while fostering communication, trust, and emotional growth. 

Step Seven - Evening Intensive Outpatient (EIOP): Our EIOP provides intensive care and therapy for three hours a day, three days a week, conveniently scheduled during the evening hours. This program, while not including supportive housing, serves as a perfect gateway to our comprehensive aftercare and vibrant alumni programming, ensuring our client’s recovery journey continues beyond treatment.

Step Eight - Continued Care and Support: Our commitment to our client’s recovery extends beyond their stay at Pinnacle Peak. We host a no-cost aftercare program every Wednesday evening, fostering a sense of community and ongoing support. Our Alumni Program features regular events and fellowship opportunities, promoting connection and shared experiences. We will also pair alumni with a trusted partner in their community to continue individual therapy. With our unique Pinnacle Peak Recovery Guarantee, we pledge to welcome back any client who completes our process and experiences a relapse within their first year, offering a 30-day residential program, or a program of equal value, at no cost. This is what real support looks like.

A Clean Future Is Just A Call Away

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Our Outcomes

At Pinnacle Peak, we don’t call our continuum of care a “Proven Process” without good reason. Our outcomes data has shown that when clients follow our proven process, they have a lower chance of relapse and an increased opportunity to achieve long-term recovery.

Alumni Success Metrics

For clients who successfully completed our proven process
69.21% response rate
70.30% made it to at least 1 year of continuous sobriety
91.86% are compliant with their medication
71.84% have regular contact with their Primary Care Physician
83.11% are currently employed

pinnacle peak recovery guarantee

PPR Guarantee: If you relapse within your first year of recovery after successfully completing our proven process, we will bring you back in for 30 days of residential at no cost.

How We Track Progress

Tracking our clients' progress throughout recovery is important in addressing client outcomes and the outcomes of our entire clinic. Here at Pinnacle Peak, we utilize market-leading innovations to track our patient and facility outcomes data so that we can understand what is working for clients on an individual basis, as well as how our program can adjust its best practices to meet the needs of our clientele.

How We Define Success

Success in treatment can be defined in numerous ways, but at Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we have a focused perspective. We define long-term success as maintaining stability within your first year. For individuals who are managing a substance use disorder, this means achieving and maintaining sobriety. For those dealing with mental health disorders, stability may look different, but the goal remains the same. 

If you experience instability at any point during your first year after completing our program and your therapist—who must be a trusted partner within our network—recommends a higher level of care, we will honor that recommendation. Your well-being is our priority, and we are committed to supporting you in achieving lasting recovery.

Pinnacle Peak Recovery & You

At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we want our clients to benefit from our Proven Process, all while being a part of how that process plays out. We value the experiences of our clients throughout their treatment and invite them to help us give them the best care experience, and the best opportunity for long-term recovery we possibly can. 

If you or somebody you love is dealing with mental health, trauma, or substance use disorder, has tried other treatment options, and has only been met with frustration, or doesn’t know where to turn, Pinnacle Peak Recovery can help. 

To begin your recovery journey visit us at or call us at 844-921-0635.

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