A Typical Day

A Typical Day in Residential

Experience the transformative power of our structured residential addiction treatment program. Every facet of our schedule is designed with precision, incorporating the pinnacle of evidence-based treatment, personalized therapy, and a vibrant experiential component. Our days start with self-care and goal-setting, equipping our clients for the therapeutic journey of the day. Morning sessions like our Primary Group and Meditation Group pave the way for a day of healing. We embrace the essence of holistic recovery, integrating physical wellness practices like Yoga and Acupuncture into our schedule.

 After a nutritious lunch, our afternoons unfold with a diverse array of therapeutic activities targeting the multi-dimensional aspects of addiction. Sessions focusing on Communication, Art, Mindfulness, and Boundaries form the building blocks of our healing process, empowering our clients with the tools to navigate life's challenges. We value personal time for reflection and introspection. Allocated free time provides opportunities for self-discovery and reinforcing the day's therapeutic insights. From the very beginning, we prioritize connecting our clients with our alumni network. This approach underscores the power of a support group and the importance of forging lasting relationships, which serve as critical pillars throughout the recovery journey. Each day in our program underscores our commitment to comprehensive, evidence-based treatment. We blend traditional therapy, experiential treatments, and personalized care to offer a well-rounded approach to addiction recovery. Our ultimate mission is to guide our clients on their unique paths to recovery, nurturing their resilience, self-awareness, and equipping them with the skills for a sustainable, substance-free life.

For clients who successfully completed our proven process, 70.30% made it to at least 1 year of continuous sobriety.

A Typical Day In Outpatient 

Dive into our carefully designed daily routine at Pinnacle Peak Recovery’s outpatient program. Each day's schedule is a masterstroke of evidence-based treatment techniques, individual therapy, and a diverse array of experiential components. The day begins with Primary Group meetings, fostering interaction with our licensed therapists. This group is followed by a range of therapeutic activities like Yoga, Acupuncture, and Sound Healing. Our unique Experiential groups extend beyond traditional therapy, providing immersive healing experiences. A distinguishing feature of our program is the 10:45 am slot, designed to honor the uniqueness of each client's recovery journey. 

This slot allows clients to choose an activity that resonates with their interests and therapeutic goals, adding a personalized dimension to their recovery. Afternoons are dedicated to therapeutic groups addressing key recovery aspects like Emotional Regulation, Mindfulness, and Communication Skills. These sessions instill essential life skills and coping mechanisms. Our approach is rooted in the conviction that blending traditional therapy and innovative experiential treatments forms the optimal strategy to combat addiction. We believe this holistic approach offers our clients the ideal environment for recovery and personal growth. Join us on this transformative journey where each day is a stride towards recovery, self-discovery, and a healthier, fulfilling life.

Daily Outpatient Schedule

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