Professional Referrals

At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we highly value our partnerships with healthcare professionals. These relationships allow us to offer an all-encompassing, effective approach to addiction recovery. We make the admissions process smooth and stress-free for new clients. If you're a professional looking to refer a client to us, get in touch with our admissions team. They can have a pre assessment done within one to two hours after you call dependent on the situation and client’s availability. This quick response helps us start their recovery process right away. When a client is admitted, they're assigned a dedicated case manager and primary therapist. They will be responsible for ensuring the patient receives a personalized treatment plan, leading to improved outcomes. We welcome referrals from diverse professionals such as: 

  • Therapists
  • Physicians 
  • Hospitals
  • Schools 
  • Unions/EAPs
  • Military

At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we respect the importance of consistent and integrated care. Once a client is admitted into our program, we'll obtain their consent to communicate with the referring professional. This collaboration ensures seamless service during their treatment. We're committed to maintaining open communication with you throughout the patient's stay. Our goal is to deliver top-quality care and ensure everyone's comfort during the treatment process. We also understand the importance of post-treatment transitions. We can help arrange for clients to return to your care after their program ends at Pinnacle Peak Recovery, ensuring continuity of care for their recovery plan.

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