Our Journey Through Addiction

Honestly, I don’t know where to start… There were so many starting points. Our experience of addiction to recovery spans several years. I can’t say exactly when my son’s substance use disorder started. Sadly to say, I was not aware or mentally equipped to see it. I do though, clearly remember when my son’s addiction was imprinted into my …

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The story of Jake

You can’t imagine the sorrow of losing a child to drug addiction and subsequent overdose death. The sorrow of watching the deterioration day after day and being unable to change or stop it. Eventually, you realize it’s not a question of will he die, but more a question of when will he die. Now imagine after you lose one son, you …

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Side Effects of Detox

The detox process is often the first step in a person’s journey to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. However, detoxing from substances can cause many side effects, many of which are uncomfortable and some of which are dangerous. Understanding the potential side effects of a detox can help determine whether a medical detox program …

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what to pack for rehab

What to Bring to an Inpatient Rehab

Over 1.3 million Americans enter a rehab facility each year to fight an addiction. If you’re among them, you deserve congratulations for taking this important and brave first step towards sobriety! You may also be wondering exactly what you should bring with you for your stay in rehab. While this varies by treatment center, we’ve …

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Can Genetics Cause Addiction?

If you have a family member with addiction, especially a person close to you like a parent, you may be fearful of developing an addiction. The truth is, addiction is a complex, multifaceted disorder, the exact circumstances of which vary from person to person. To better grasp this, it is imperative that we seek to …

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