Weekly Schedule

Weekly Residential Schedule

At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we offer a comprehensive and meticulously designed schedule that ensures a balanced and holistic approach to recovery. Our state-of-the-art residential treatment program is structured to provide diverse activities, therapeutic sessions, and self-care routines, all of which are designed to support the recovery process.

Each day begins with a focus/goal group session, setting a positive tone and creating a space for sharing and personal development. 

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Our schedule includes a variety of therapeutic activities such as meditation, relapse prevention, art therapy, and yoga, all led by our experienced and dedicated staff. We also provide unique services such as acupuncture, sound healing, and stretch classes to nourish the mind and body.
In addition to these therapeutic sessions, we understand the importance of personal time and reflection. We incorporate free time and optional gym sessions in the schedule, giving clients the opportunity to process their learnings and focus on their physical health.

In the evenings, our program emphasizes the importance of community and shared experiences through in-house 12-Step Meetings and Alumni Meetings. Before the day ends, we have a period for an evening review to reflect on the day's progress and a quiet period for hygiene routines before lights out.

Our structured yet flexible schedule, combined with our expert staff and diverse therapeutic offerings, ensures that each client at Pinnacle Peak Recovery receives a high level of care, tailored to their unique journey. We strive to create an environment that supports recovery, fosters personal growth, and cultivates a sense of peace and belonging.

For clients who successfully completed our proven process, 70.30% made it to at least 1 year of continuous sobriety.

Weekly OUtpatient Schedule

At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we extend our comprehensive approach through our outpatient schedule as well, offering a range of engaging and therapeutic activities specifically designed to support continued recovery.

Our outpatient program begins with a primary group session led by a primary therapist. This establishes a foundation of support and community, and sets the tone for the rest of the day. Clients also do their individual sessions with their primary therapist which allows them to unpack issues individually and in a group setting. 

One of the unique features of our outpatient schedule is the flexibility it offers. During the 10:45 AM slot, clients can choose from a variety of options, selecting the one that best aligns with their needs and interests. Options range from yoga, acupuncture, and sound healing to Qigong and Nutrition, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Post lunch, the schedule continues with a focus on emotional regulation, gender-specific groups, and art therapy. We also incorporate a variety of topics like mindfulness, stress management, and family dynamics. On Fridays, we host community speakers and conduct life skills workshops, providing a well-rounded recovery experience.

The combination of diverse therapeutic offerings and the freedom to choose certain activities allows clients to tailor their recovery journey to their unique needs. At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we strive to provide a supportive, engaging, and empowering environment, ensuring our outpatient clients continue to receive high-quality care and ongoing support for their recovery journey.

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