Success Stories from Pinnacle Peak Recovery Alumni

Substance use impacts people from all ages and walks of life. No matter your personal history with substance use, mental health concerns, trauma, and more – there’s never a wrong time to make a new path in your life.

Today we wanted to highlight just a few of the incredible alumni we have and share their stories.

Alumni Tony

Tony Chandler, AZ

From Party Life to Purposeful Living - The Turning Point in Tony’s Story

Tony's life before treatment was marked by frequent partying, where alcohol and other substances were often involved. However, this lifestyle gradually led to a pattern, costing $40 a day. He felt like the substances he took became more than a choice, they felt necessary for his day-to-day life. Tony faced numerous challenges due to his substance use, including health issues, a loss of trust from his friends, family, and employer, as well as legal troubles.

What really stopped him in his tracks, however, was the loss of his mother. It was then that his family intervened, helping him realize the path he was on. This pivotal moment led Tony to seek help and commit to a 90-day program at PPR.

Alumni Abbie

Abigail - Queen Creek, AZ

The Lasting Impact of Early Substance Use

Abigail's journey into substance use began at a young age. Living independently since 16, she was kicked out of her parents' homes due to alcohol and drug use. Her life spiraled into instability, leading to a period of homelessness and entanglement with the legal system, including facing multiple felonies and jail time. Despite efforts to better her life, Abigail found it difficult to stop drinking and smoking weed. 

Substance use eroded Abigail's self-esteem, honesty, and ability to form healthy relationships. Her motivation waned, casting a shadow over her personal and professional life. These patterns nearly destroyed her marriage and business, and risked the wellbeing of her infant son.

Bob Alumni

Bob - Phoenix, AZ

A Lifetime in the Fast Lane Crashes to a Halt

With over 40 years in the automobile business, Bob Lackner's life was as fast-paced as the industry he thrived in. However, this need for speed spilled over into other aspects of life, contributing to a lifetime of alcohol abuse, often mixed with cocaine and other drugs. This destructive lifestyle ended up taking a toll on both his family life and career.

The turning point for Bob came when his health took a dire turn — collapsing with a dangerously high blood pressure of 195/167. This critical moment led to a sequence of interventions: hospitalization, detox, and eventually, admission to Pinnacle Peak Recovery.

Start Your Path to Recovery Today with Pinnacle Peak

Even though we only highlighted three people today, our dedicated team here at Pinnacle Peak helps others every day. There is no story that isn’t worth telling and that isn’t worth having a happy ending. 

As a team driven by clinical excellence and compassionate care, we will work with you to help you find the right treatment plan for your recovery needs. We understand that no program should be one-size-fits-all and will guide you through our many evidence-based practices to set you up for long-term success.

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