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Have you ever heard someone younger than you use a word you didn’t understand? Maybe you tune out of the conversation when you do. Maybe you ask them what the word means to try to understand better. Sometimes you just nod along, pretending like you understand what they just said.

Would you be able to tell the difference between a slang word and a street name for fentanyl?

Here in Maricopa County, more than 3 people die every day because of fentanyl. One of the best ways we can address this problem is by being informed about it. Our team at Pinnacle Peak Recovery is dedicated to helping individuals and families alike with substance use in all its facets. Today we’re going to talk about street names for fentanyl and why it’s important to be able to recognize them.

What Is a Street Name?

In the world of substance use a “street name” doesn’t refer to the name of the road that people go to to procure their substance of choice. A street name is how some people refer to substances discreetly – in a way that isn’t obvious to those who don’t use substances.  In other words, it's a nickname used to ensure they’re not exposing their drug use to those around them.

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What Are the Most Common Street Names for Fentanyl?

It’s important to note that while we are aware of many of the street names for fentanyl, that doesn’t mean that this list is fully exhaustive. Often, new names are made and shared through social media, and different states and even cities might have their own local names that differ from the common populace.

With that being said, let’s look at some of the most common street names you might encounter.

Common Street Names Brand Names
China Town Abstral
Dance Fever Actiq
Goodfellas Fentora
Jackpot Onsolis
Murder 8 Lazanda
Tango & Cash Duragesic

For some substances, there are also nicknames for combinations of drugs. In the case of fentanyl, this isn’t common or something very publicly known. Fentanyl is often added into other substances, known as fentanyl lacing, but the person taking that substance is usually unaware of it. This is due to the fact that the fentanyl is rarely disclosed and it’s not possible to detect fentanyl in most substances without the use of fentanyl testing.

Are There Emojis Used to Talk About Fentanyl?

In the modern day and age, emojis have come into the equation in how people talk about substance use. Many different emoji combinations are now utilized to keep texting conversations more private. They’re utilized both to talk about specific substances and to talk about specific aspects of substance use.

  • Emojis for fentanyl - 💊🌈🍬
  • Emojis used to advertise drugs for sale - 💰🤑💵
  • Universal emojis for drugs - 🍁

How Can You Tell if Something You Hear Is a Street Name?

As we mentioned earlier, not all street names are public knowledge. If you hear someone talking about something that you’re not familiar with, how can you tell if they’re using a street name for fentanyl?

One of the best ways to better determine this is by using context clues in their conversations. Are they already being a bit secretive? Would switching out that word with “fentanyl” make sense in the context? 

If you already have your suspicions that they might be engaging in fentanyl use, it’s also important to consider why your suspicions arose in the first place.

What Other Ways Can You Identify Fentanyl Street Names?

Outside of hearing a known street name for fentanyl, physical and behavioral context clues are also important before jumping to conclusions. If someone is already using street names when talking about fentanyl, it’s likely they’ve engaged with fentanyl more than once. With this consistent and intentional consumption comes side effects that you, as their loved one, can keep an eye out for.

Spotting the Side Effects of Fentanyl Use

Fentanyl use, like any other substance, comes with both short-term and long-term side effects. Some of the most common side effects include:

  • Changes in energy level
  • Confusion
  • New or worsening depression
  • New or worsening anxiety
  • Mood instability
  • Reduction in libido
  • Menstrual changes
  • Changes in respiratory abilities

On top of these changes, there are different personality shifts you can keep an eye out for. Substance use disorders can lead to people pulling away from their friends and loved ones, stopping the hobbies and activities they used to enjoy, and a certain degree of secretiveness. Substance use often takes up a large amount of time in a person’s day, too. This includes everything from thinking about a substance to craving it, taking it, and recovering from it. 

What Should You Do if Your Loved One Is Using Street Names for Fentanyl?

So you’ve heard your loved one using one of the street names related to fentanyl. Maybe you’ve also noticed some of the physical or behavioral side effects of fentanyl use. Now what do you do? What’s the right approach to this?

The first thing we recommend when this realization comes to you is to take some time before you approach your loved one about this. Gather your thoughts and make sure you don’t go into the conversation emotionally heated. Approaching your loved one with anger will not lead to a productive conversation.

When you do broach the topic with them, be open and understanding. This does not mean that you have to “enable” their consumption of fentanyl, but judging them for what they’re doing will not lead to them wanting to open up to you about it. Many people who have a substance use disorder know what others think about their choices. They don’t need additional shame from their loved one during this time.

Finally, remind them that you’re approaching this topic because you care and want to see them healthy and well. Ask them if they picture their future to stay on the path they’re currently on and talk with them about what drives them to continue. Underlying stress and mental health conditions are contributing factors to seeking out substances. When you learn the underlying causes, you can start to help them tackle this at the source.

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The Treatment Options Available for Fentanyl Use in Arizona

Another way you can help your loved one when you talk with them about their fentanyl use is to offer to help them find recovery options. Recovery can seem daunting and overwhelming. Not only is it a big life change, but many people don’t know where to start and don’t know how to sift through the options available to them. So how can you make sure you find the right help for fentanyl addiction?

When looking for recovery, there are a few things to keep in mind. Fentanyl recovery often starts with detox. From there, inpatient, outpatient, and ongoing support options can ensure a person is set up for success during their recovery journey.

That’s where Pinnacle Peak Recovery comes into play. Our team of master’s level physicians is here to guide our clients down the path of recovery. We offer a wide variety of evidence-based practices and help you find the right combination for your healing journey. Give us a call anytime at (844) 921-0635 to get started today.

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