Pinnacle Peak Treatment Programs

When you’re ready to get sober, it’s important to find a rehab center that offers a wide array of treatment programs and therapies. One size definitely does not fit all in the world of addiction recovery. After all, each individual has a different reason for developing addiction, and a unique reason for wanting to get clean. To accommodate this, Pinnacle Peak Recovery offers customizable treatment programs for all patients.

Pinnacle Peak Recovery Group Therapy

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Unfortunately, individuals with co-occurring conditions have a harder time staying clean when they don’t get help for both their addiction and mental health disorder. Since mental illness and addiction feed off of each other, the two can actually cause each other to get worse. Dual diagnosis treatment places a focus on treating both the mental illness and addiction at the same time in order to more easily help individuals achieve recovery for both.

Evidence Based Therapy Options

At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, our team of experienced clinicians and case managers identify the unique circumstances of each client, and prepare the best treatment plan based on proven methodologies. Our caring staff understands the struggles of battling addiction. We help patients overcome their addictions by employing a variety of proven treatment modalities including:

Experiential Therapy

Many addicts struggle with life skills and understanding how to have fun in recovery. For many individuals, the only way they know how to enjoy themselves is with a drink in hand. At Pinnacle clients learn how to live on their own, have fun in recovery and beat their addiction.

As previously mentioned, co-occurring emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression and bipolar disorders often occur alongside addiction. Experiential therapy treatment such as exercise, spending time in nature, and pushing physical limits can all help with these disorders, as well as addiction. Finding hobbies and ways to have fun other than through drugs and alcohol is an integral part of recovery.

Holistic Therapy

For thousands of years, individuals have employed holistic treatments to help with everything from physical to emotional pain. At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we offer a variety of holistic therapy options, including:

  • Equine therapy
  • Tai Chi
  • Meditation
  • Yoga therapy

Holistic therapy is the perfect complement to evidence-based therapy. When combined, the two give individuals seeking recovery the tools they need to get sober and avoid relapse.

Finding the Right Treatment Programs at Pinnacle Peak Recovery

At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we work with you to set you up for success in recovery. This generally means combining a variety of different treatment programs and therapies. Upon intake, you’ll work with one of our experienced clinicians to create an individualized treatment program, regardless of which of the following services you choose:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Intensive outpatient treatment

Pinnacle Peak Recovery in Scottsdale, Arizona can help you get sober and prepare you for the bright future you deserve. Call 866-954-0524 today to learn more about the treatment programs and services that we offer.