The Dangers of Flakka

Every year, new drugs emerge. One of the more recent drugs, with origins in South Florida, is called Flakka. This is a synthetic stimulant drug, much like amphetamines. However, its dangers may be more numerous and more severe than even meth.

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Aggressive Behavior

This drug, also known as gravel, is often featured in news stories. That's because it can cause severe changes to behavior. People taking this drug may act bizarrely and feel extremely aggressive.

People who use Flakka are sometimes involved in crimes and behaviors that are far from normal. It can make users feel superhuman, as if they have incredible strength. It can also make people incredibly irritable and anxious. This dangerous combination means that drug users are prone to fights and dramatic actions.

Part of the problem is that the potency of the drug varies so much. Smoking, injecting or snorting just a slightly larger dose than normal could mean the difference between mild euphoria and incredible violence. It could also mean a deadly overdose.

Rapid Increase in Body Temperature

One of the worst aspects of the drug is that it drastically increases body temperature. This happens quickly, and users may experience a temperature of over 105 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of minutes.

The first repercussions of this temperature increase are more obvious. Users will feel very hot, may take off their clothes, drink excessively cold liquids and sweat profusely. Dehydration follows quickly, which can lead to more damaging health problems.

A high internal temperature can start to break down muscle. It can also be too taxing on the kidneys. Some long-term users of the drug, even if they get help, may need a lifetime of dialysis as a result of kidney failure.

Comedowns Include Severe Fatigue and Depression

After the rapid heart rate, euphoria, high body temperature and aggression have worn off, drug users experience the comedown. During this period, even more side effects can appear. Fatigue and depression are among the most common.

Experiencing fatigue and depression is an unpleasant combination. Individuals might feel hopeless, and suicidal thoughts are possible. They are less likely to find joy from other sources, which only perpetuates the cycle of drug addiction.

Flakka is Incredibly Addictive

Drug addictions can develop for a number of different reasons. Individuals might have a genetic predisposition to addiction, they could have mental health conditions or they might lack self-confidence. This particular drug, however, is more addictive than most. That means simply trying it once can lead to addiction.

If you have an addictive personality, then trying this particular drug is especially dangerous. It takes just one dose to alter the brain's chemistry. Once the drug's effects have worn off, the brain will respond with cravings. Taking it again only makes the problem worse, and it can rapidly lead to the formation of an addiction.

Treating a Flakka Addiction at Pinnacle Peak Recovery

After detox, patients can begin the process of lasting rehab for substance use. At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we use a wide range of comprehensive treatment methods to target and overcome addiction. These treatments work to uncover the causes of addiction, prevent relapse and allow patients to enjoy fulfilling, meaningful lives moving forward.

A few of the many treatment approaches that we offer at Pinnacle Peak Recovery include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Holistic treatments
  • Experiential therapy

If you struggle with a Flakka addiction, then getting help has to be your number one priority. At Pinnacle Peak Recovery in Scottsdale, Arizona, you can access the right tools and resources to get you to lifelong sobriety. Begin your recovery today by calling 866-377-4761.

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