How to Help Your Alcoholic Father

There’s no doubt that helping an alcoholic can be challenging. However, it’s even more challenging when you’re trying to help your alcoholic father. By offering support and resources, you can help your parent get the help they need to recover from an addiction to alcohol.

Help Your Alcoholic Father Identity his Addiction

One of the hardest things for an alcoholic to do is actually confront and name the problem. Even if your father clearly exhibits all the signs and symptoms of alcoholism, it may be difficult for him to say that he’s an alcoholic.

However, it’s dangerous to not address the issue. Make it clear that while you love him, you’re worried that he’s an alcoholic. Many times, accepting the illness can be the first step toward planning for recovery.

Don’t Enable an Alcoholic Parent

Alcoholics might ask for money, rides or a place to stay. If you’re the child of an alcoholic, it can be seriously challenging to say no when a parent asks for these things. This is called enabling, and it won’t help an alcoholic in the long run.

It’s important never to give cash to an alcoholic. Also, don’t lie for them or to protect them. Seeing the reality of their actions, as well as the resulting consequences, might be what it takes to get them to seek help.

Protect Yourself Against the Risk of Addiction

While it’s admirable to think of helping a parent, don’t forget about your own health. The children of alcoholic parents are more likely to deal with stress, trauma and mental health disorders as a result.

Unfortunately, there are also hereditary addiction risks to take into consideration. Genetic alcoholism is a very real problem, and it could cause you, your siblings or even your children to develop alcoholism in the future.

Provide Support and Encouragement

One of the most important ways that you can help a parent struggling with alcoholism is by showing them support and love. You don’t have to agree with their actions, but you can stay in touch and show you care. Encourage them to seek help. Explain that you worry about their health, and say that you want them to be around for as long as possible.

Offer to Handle the Logistics of Treatment

Many decide not to pursue addiction treatment because the process of finding, enrolling and paying for treatment is overwhelming. You can eliminate that excuse by offering to handle this for them.

Some of the ways that you can help with logistics might include:

  • Researching the best rehab and treatment facilities
  • Learning about health insurance payment for treatment
  • Asking about program availability
  • Handling transport to and from rehab

There’s no doubt that helping your alcoholic father will be a big job. At Pinnacle Peak Recovery in Scottsdale, Arizona, we can help. Call 866-377-4761 today to learn more about alcohol addiction treatment and how it can save your parent’s life.


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