cost of drug rehab

The price of addiction recovery does vary. While it’s lofty to claim that no rate is too high for healing, the sentiment doesn’t apply to everyone. So, what’s the cost of drug rehab and how do you pay for it?

Figuring Out the Cost of Drug Rehab

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Drug Rehab?Overall, most addiction treatment centers will quote you a realistic price. Consider that addiction is a brain disease with physical manifestations. Because everyone is an individual, the development and expression of the disease are different for everyone.

As a result, you may require addiction treatment programs that vary from what someone else needs. However, rehab usually includes:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP)
  • Sober living
  • Family therapy

An intake counselor won’t know what treatment plan is right for you when you call about the cost of drug rehab. Therefore, it may sound like the facility’s representative can’t quote you a realistic price. In reality, they need more information about your condition to do so.

What Goes into the Cost of Drug Rehab?

Age can determine the cost of rehab as well. For example, teen substance use programs vary in price because some centers offer specialized programs. For example, some rehab centers encourage family involvement but don’t provide inpatient programs. However, for older rehab participants, inpatient treatment can be extremely beneficial.

Additionally, another factor that affects the cost of drug rehab is accreditation. Working with a professional facility that underwent a rigorous vetting process benefits you. Overall, you’ll have substantial evidence that their treatment methods are evidence-based. As a result, there will be no fad treatments or potentially dangerous practices that might unfairly add to the cost.

However, accreditations do cost money. The same is true for professional affiliations. Frequently, high-quality centers voluntarily agree to abide by rules set forth by industry groups. For example, The National Alliance on Mental Illness ensures facilities can adequately treat mental health problems. Also, this voluntary affiliation ensures that you receive innovative treatment from highly trained professionals.

It’s also essential to read a treatment center’s rehab blog. Typically, accredited facilities work with primary insurance providers. These centers also accept credit card payments or cash. Frequently, private lenders work with individuals to offer personal loans that cover the cost of rehab. Overall, using insurance for drug rehab lowers the price significantly.

Getting Help Today at Pinnacle Peak Recovery

Cost should never hold you back from seeking treatment. Whether you’re dealing with teenage drug addiction or a dual diagnosis treatment, there’s always help. Pinnacle Peak Recovery, an Arizona drug rehab center, offers practical, comprehensive treatment at an affordable cost. Call 866-377-4761 today to speak with an intake counselor.


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