oxy and alcohol on a coffee tableOxy and alcohol is a deadly combination. Mixing this painkiller with a depressant wreaks havoc on the human body. But what happens if you’re addicted to both substances?

How Does Oxycodone Affect the Body?

You may know this substance by its brand name, OxyContin. The opiate is a painkiller. Because the body builds up a tolerance to the substance rather quickly, patients who receive a prescription soon need to increase the dose. Typically, several physical reactions accompany the pain numbing:

  • Lightheadedness and euphoria. Because the drug affects certain systems within the brain, it triggers the reward center, which releases dopamine and provides the high.
  • Sedation. You may feel tired or sleepy. Oxy relaxes you.
  • Breathing. The drug slows your breathing and your heart rate.

Understanding How Alcohol Affects the Body

Alcohol has its own set of effects on the body. When consumed to excess, it has severe adverse outcomes:

  • Neurotransmitter disruption. When someone has one too many drinks, s/he may stumble and bump into people. Speech slurs. These are effects of jumbled brain messages.
  • Irregular heartbeat. The heart functions according to a natural rhythm. The alcohol interferes with this timing. As a result, the heart may beat too fast or in an irregular manner.
  • Cellular decay of lung tissue. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of lung infections. In the long run, it may lead to a loss of lung capacity, which translates into shortness of breath.

When Oxy and Alcohol Combine

The FDA warns that 19% of emergency room visits because of opioid abuse involved alcohol. In 22% percent of opioid-related deaths, alcohol was a factor. Since both drugs affect the central nervous system, they can combine to have a deadly impact.

  • Irregular heartbeat. Lightheadedness and arrhythmia merge to create an anxiety response.
  • Slowed breathing. Breathing slows down considerably, which makes it difficult for the fluttering heart to receive enough oxygen to distribute to the body.
  • Organ damage. Because there is not enough oxygen in the body, and because its delivery is irregular now, there is a chance of organ damage that also affects the brain. Within the brain, oxygen deprivation can lead to irreversible damage.

Some people struggling with addiction mix both substances because they succeed in creating a dream-like state. However, when your body can’t handle the combination of contradictory and emphasized messages any longer, you’re in danger of slipping into a coma. Unless someone provides you with immediate medical attention, you may die.

Treating an Alcohol and Oxycodone Addiction

Don’t jeopardize your life. If you cannot quit the concurrent use of oxy and alcohol, get help. It may seem like you’re facing an insurmountable obstacle to a healthy life, but that’s not true. Start with a medically supervised detox that eases your body slowly off both substances.

Head to Pinnacle Peak Recovery for the rehab portion for your alcohol and oxycodone addiction. Friendly experts custom-tailor a therapy program to your needs. Don’t risk dying. Call 866-377-4761 today to learn about the way out of addiction.


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