sad man experiences side effects of cocaine

The sudden rush of euphoria makes the drug one of the most addictive substances available. Are you dealing with this addiction right now? The high becomes more and more elusive even though you increase the dosage. Then, there are the side effects of cocaine.

Short-Term Side Effects of Cocaine

As quickly as the high begins, it also ends. This experience usually results in a major letdown that encourages binging behavior. You take hit after hit, sometimes while you’re still high on the drug. The effects on your body may not be immediately apparent, but they’re happening.

Your muscles spasm and your heart, which is also a muscle, may palpitate. You might not notice it while you’re high. Because the drug also affects your mind, it’s not unusual to sharpen feelings of anger, rage, or fear. Some people suffer heart attacks, seizures, and rage-fueled altercations while on a binge.

Long-Term Side Effects of Cocaine

There are also long-term side effects of cocaine to consider. You want to relive the initial high, which proves to be impossible. Even so, you chase it with larger and larger doses. You experiment by combining cocaine with other drugs such as alcohol or heroin.

This habit results in a broad range of dangerous long-term effects. Examples include the development of psychosis and eating problems. You may develop multiple addictions to a variety of drugs. Because coming down from a cocaine high always results in a depressive state, there’s a serious risk of suicidal ideation.

What Makes this Drug Addiction so Difficult to Overcome?

Cocaine directly affects the brain’s reward center. The chemicals rewrite your brain’s chemistry to make dopamine release dependent on their presence. When you’re on the drug, you have a brief window of time when you feel euphoric and invincible. However, this effect is only fleeting and becomes shorter and shorter.

If you develop other types of addiction alongside a cocaine dependence, the combination of drugs can be difficult to tackle. You need professional help. In addition to evidence-based psychotherapy, it makes sense to stay at a rehab facility. The higher level of supervision prevents you from relapsing.

But there’s another reason why staying at a facility is advantageous for recovery: holistic cocaine addiction treatments. These therapies augment the evidence-based therapies you already undergo, which boosts your chance of success. Examples include:

Fitness regimens customize exercises for you to help you regain your physical health
Meditation is an integral part of stress relief, which is a vital part of recovery for cocaine users
Yoga therapy, which works along the same lines but also combines breathing exercises with physical stretches to boost natural dopamine release.

If you’re currently struggling with a cocaine addiction or multiple forms of drug dependence, there’s hope. You don’t have to suffer from the side effects of cocaine any longer. Reach out to Pinnacle Peak Recovery for assistance and cocaine therapy. Call 866-377-4761 today!

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