Woman Victim of the Heroin EpidemicHeroin addiction in the United States can rightly be called an epidemic. Derived from the poppy plant, heroin is a opioid substance that’s highly dangerous and highly addictive. In order to battle the heroin epidemic, it’s important to understand the scope of the epidemic, its causes and how those struggling with addiction can get help.

Understanding the Factors Behind the Heroin Epidemic

There are a number of factors that contribute to the epidemic of heroin use in the US: easy access, affordability and lack of education are all responsible.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 45% of heroin users were previously addicted to opiate painkillers. Many individuals start by taking opiate prescription medications, either legally or recreationally, and then become addicted. It’s not a big leap to begin using heroin, which has similar properties to these painkillers.

The heroin epidemic is non-discriminant. You can find the drug in just about any city or suburb in America. Compared to many other drugs, heroin is also inexpensive, which encourages users to take larger and larger doses over time. Consequently, the number of fatal heroin overdoses in the country is exploding.

Acknowledging the Need for Addiction Treatment

In the ongoing battle against heroin use, abuse and addiction, it’s important to remember heroin addiction devastates users’ lives and the lives of their loved ones as well. The best weapons against this devastation will be treatment, rehab and therapies.

In order to successfully overcome a heroin addiction, rehab truly is crucial. This is when patients will learn how to achieve and then maintain their sobriety, and it’s when patients can get comprehensive care and mental health treatment if needed.

Increasing Awareness About Heroin Addiction

Prevention is often easier and more effective than trying to find a solution. That’s why it is necessary to educate kids, teens and adults on the addictive nature of heroin, as well as all opiates. More education means fewer people trying and becoming addicted to harmful drugs like heroin.

Targeting Opiate Addictions as a Whole

To effectively battle the epidemic of heroin addiction, it may be necessary to step back and focus on opiate addictions as a whole. For countless individuals, the first time using an opioid substance is from a doctor, or from a friend who has leftover prescription painkillers. Targeting recreation or improper opioid use may reduce addictions and lessen heroin abuse as well.

Battling the heroin epidemic isn’t easy, both for society at large and for individuals struggling with addiction. The first step, however, is getting help from an accredited rehab facility like Pinnacle Peak Recovery. Call 866-377-4761 today to learn more and to begin taking back control over your life.


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