lean drink | Pinnacle Peak RecoveryWhen you mix prescription cough syrup containing codeine with soda or alcohol, you get the lean drink. The concoction also goes by the name Purple Drank or Sizzurp. It’s a homemade drug that has an addiction potential and might jeopardize someone’s health. Here’s what you need to know about getting out from under the habit. When you think of drug abuse, you may primarily think of illicit substances. However, the abuse of over-the-counter and prescription medications is also very common. In fact, these substances may be even more common to abuse due to their affordability and prevalence. For example, the Lean drug is growing in popularity in the United States, so it’s important to recognize the Lean drug effects in those that you love.

What is Lean Drug?

The Lean drug is a homemade concoction consisting of prescription cough syrup, soft drinks, and hard candies to improve the taste of the mixture. Many types of cough medications used to make Lean drink contains a substance known as codeine. Codeine is a powerful opioid pain-relieving medication that carries a high risk of dependence and addiction. Lean drug effects can be serious and warrant prompt attention.

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What are Common Lean Drug Effects?

What are some of the most common Lean drug effects that people using this drug might experience? Consider the prevalent effects in the list below.

1. Dizziness or Blurry Eyesight

Opioid medications like those found in some cough syrups that make up a part of Lean drink can affect brain functioning. Dizziness, lightheadedness, or blurry vision can result from codeine abuse.

2. Nausea or Vomiting

The abuse of opioid painkillers can affect the digestive tract. As a result, the process of digestion may slow down considerably. Ongoing cramping, nausea, vomiting, or constipation can result from the abuse of Lean drink.

3. Problems with Memory or Mental Clarity

Those abusing Lean drink may begin to have difficulty thinking clearly. Additionally, it is common for these individuals to begin forgetting important tasks and responsibilities.

These main issues that can accompany the use of the Lean drug can worsen over time. Additionally, the substances found in this concoction can lead to a serious codeine addiction that requires prompt, professional treatment.

Lean Drink Isn’t Harmless

Prescription-strength cough syrup typically contains codeine, which is an opiate. As such, it’s a highly addictive substance. Although the dosage you might take for a cough is relatively low, those who abuse the substance increase the amount. Some also mix it with alcohol to heighten the effect of the codeine even further.

However, this combination not only increases the potential high of the codeine. It also increases the risk of side effects. One of them, respiratory distress, is a possibly fatal outcome that makes opiates such a dangerous drug to deal with. Even mixing it with a soda can be deadly when the codeine levels reach sufficient saturation.

Remember that those making lean drink don’t keep track of the dosages. They just keep mixing and drinking until the bottle runs out. As a result, you never really know how much you’ve taken of the substance. When the effects of the codeine, any antihistamines, and alcohol finally manifest, you may be unable to get help.

Do You Need Rehab?

Getting professional help can be vital in overcoming a codeine addiction. Because it’s an opiate, it’s on par with heroin and opioid painkillers. The news has been full of warnings about these drugs. The close chemical ties between codeine and those substances prove that rehab can make a significant difference.

But you also may need additional assistance in your ability to overcome cravings. If you’ve been mixing the cough syrup with alcohol, you may have unwittingly formed an addiction to this drug, too. At the rehab facility, therapists help you to overcome both problems concurrently.

Selecting a Quality Rehab Center

Cough syrup addiction can be a serious problem that requires professional treatment at a quality facility. How can you be sure you’re choosing the right facility that cares about your needs and ultimate success?

For starters, a quality rehab center will have an excellent track record. They will be able to provide you with relevant statistics that indicate the majority of those seeking treatment there experience a positive outcome. Additionally, they’ll work hard to create specific treatment plans that target each person’s needs.

Pinnacle Peak Recovery is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment rehab facility serving the Scottsdale, Arizona area. By extending an in-depth program of treatment options including primary and extended care, transitional living, and outpatient programs, Pinnacle Peak is able to handle each person’s unique needs. All treatment options are provided in a peaceful environment that encourages self-discovery and personal healing.

Don’t let addiction stop you from having the life you want and deserve. You can overcome your addiction by getting proper treatment from a high-quality rehab center. Contact Pinnacle Peak Recovery at 480-787-2409 to find out how we can help you get on the right track toward healing and recovery.

What Happens During Treatment?

A substance use problem is typically the sign of an underlying condition. That’s why therapists work with you to get to your reason for using. They use treatments that might include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that encourages pattern recognition and targeted changes
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), which splits the focus on accepting things you can’t change and dealing with subsequent emotions
  • Family therapy with an eye on improving dysfunctional interactions which help you find healthier ways of relating to one another
  • Aftercare, which benefits program participants who need a little extra time to meet their goals
  • Sober living assistance that helps with the transition from rehab to independent living


Get Help Today

If you or a loved one is using the Purple Drank concoction, it’s time to get help. Don’t count on your ability to overcome an addiction to opiates by yourself. Instead, enlist the help of experts such as Pinnacle Peak Recovery to assist you. Call 480-787-2409 today for immediate assistance.

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