Lean Drug Addiction

There are a number of drugs that are fairly easy for young people to get. One example of this is prescription cough syrup. Mixing prescription cough syrup with soda or fruit punch makes a drug that people refer to as lean. The lean drug, also known as purple drank, is highly addictive and can also be extremely dangerous.

What Is the Lean Drug?

Lean is prescription cough syrup with some kind of drink to cover up the flavor. While Sprite is popular, some people use fruit punch or juice. Prescription cough syrup contains promethazine, which is liquid codeine. This ingredient is a painkiller that helps with prolonged coughing pain.

When people can't get their hands on prescription cough syrup, they may use other drugs such as cocaine or PCP instead. Some people use over-the-counter cough syrup because it contains dextromethorphan (DXM).

Cough syrup makers use DXM as a cough suppressant since it interacts with the area of the brain that controls coughing. It’s therapeutic in small doses but can cause hallucinations in large amounts. DXM doesn’t taste good, which is why users add soda to lean.

How Does Lean Get Its Name?

When people drink lean, they often feel like they’re leaning over or unable to stand. This effect occurs because of the way that the drug interacts with the brain. While lean is a popular name for this drink, it has other street names such as:

  • Purple drank
  • Triple C
  • Barr
  • Robo

People often use the name purple drank because of the color of the drink itself since cough syrup is usually dark purple in color. When people mix it with a light-colored soda such as Sprite, it becomes a light purple. Lean is often darker when there’s a higher dose of cough syrup in it.

Celebrities and Lean

One reason why lean has become so popular with young people is because of its popularity with celebrities. Famous singers such as Lil Wayne talk about drinking lean. What people don't know, however, are the dangers of consuming it. In fact, Lil Wayne went to the hospital in 2013 after suffering seizures from drinking lean.

Other famous celebrities have died after drinking Lean. One example is DJ Screw, who died after overdosing on prescription cough syrup in lean. Pimp C, another DJ, also died from sleep apnea as a result of drinking lean.

It's not only the music industry that has problems with lean. Former San Diego Chargers safety Terrence Kiel died at the age of 27 after rolling his car. Reports later showed that he got behind the wheel after drinking the lean drug.

Symptoms of Lean Abuse

The lean drug can cause a number of problems for the people who take it. These problems often create symptoms that others can use to spot lean abuse.

People who abuse lean generally experience a loss of balance and coordination. They also may slur their speech or have a raspy voice. The codeine in the cough syrup causes droopy eyes, a slow heart rate, and random eye movement as well. Additionally, lean can cause dental problems, paleness and urinary tract infections.

Get Help for Your Lean Addiction

Lean addiction isn't something to make light of. While famous people may sing about lean or purple drank, it doesn’t mean that this drug is safe. At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we pride ourselves in helping people overcome addiction.

We offer a number of addiction treatment programs. Some of these include:

  • Family therapy
  • Extended care
  • Primary care
  • Traditional living
  • Outpatient

Our friendly staff can work with you to manage a number of addictions. Along with lean addiction, we treat meth, cocaine and heroin addiction. We also offer dual diagnosis treatment. Furthermore, Pinnacle Peak Recovery partners with top insurance companies to make treatment affordable.

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