Women’s Treatment Program in Arizona

Have you noticed your drug or alcohol use is causing problems in your life? Are you finding you don’t enjoy the activities you used to because of overuse or abuse?

Are your relationships with friends and family suffering? Are you missing work or other obligations? These may be signs of an addiction.

Benefits of a Womens Drug Rehab Program

There is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Many women find themselves struggling with substance use at some point in their lives. Know that you are not alone in your recovery and that our women's rehab center in Arizona can help you.

Learning about substance use treatment designed specifically for women is the first brave step in taking control of your life. Rehab centers for women provide treatment specifically for your individual needs. If you are interested in learning more, use this guide as a resource for your recovery.

What is a Women’s Rehab Center?

These specialized facilities are designed to provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere where trained professionals work with you to determine the root causes of your use and effective ways to successfully quit your drug of choice.

Inpatient drug rehab for women is a way for those struggling with drugs to get away from the surroundings contributing to drug use. When away from emotionally toxic environments and everyday triggers, you get a chance to step back and reflect on your life, work through issues, and plan for the future.

In many cases, breaking the cycle of addiction is more complicated than stopping drug use. Often there are underlying physical, mental, and/or emotional issues causing the addiction. Rehab centers for women typically offer a variety of services to treat all aspects of the person. Personalize programs may include intensive group and individual therapy using evidenced-based practices, family counseling, holistic treatments, and experiential activities geared towards women.

Pinnacle Peak Recovery's program in Scottsdale, Arizona gives women like you the opportunity to get their lives back on track. Master’s level licensed therapists and knowledgeable support staff work with you during every step of your recovery process. From your first call seeking help to stopping by during a weekly alumni meeting, expect to be treated like family. Our caring, nonjudgmental staff understand the unique challenges of substance use and addiction in women.  

Why Choose a Women’s Addiction Rehab Program in Arizona?

There are many reasons to choose a program developed specifically to meet the needs of women. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports women often have unique issues when it comes to their substance use. Studies found drugs respond differently to women due to a variety of factors like hormones, menopause, and even menstrual cycles. In addition, females usually have different usage patterns and reasons for using the drug than men.

In this type of program, you may receive more individualized care based on your unique needs. This makes treatment more effective compared to a one-size-fits-all co-ed rehab setting.

Another reason to choose a women's only facility is to stay focused on treatment. Professionals recommend those in treatment programs not start a sexual or romantic relationship. Unfortunately, in co-ed facilities, some individuals have a difficult time following this advice. It could be that they don’t want to focus on their problems so they become distracted by pursuing a romantic relationship. Some people just fall into the habit of seeking a relationship based on past behaviors.

In addition, co-ed facilities also may make opening up more difficult. Those with a prior history of abuse or trauma may remain timid or shy when men are in therapy groups. This prevents some women from sharing and gaining insights during a group designed to help them.

Pinnacle Peak Recovery created an addiction program specifically designed for women. While in treatment, you will enjoy a safe, supportive environment. Staff trained in addiction treatment will guide you in the process of recovery. Others going through treatment can be a source of support and inspiration. You will have the time you need to focus on developing the skills that will help keep you sober.

What is the Difference Between a Men’s and Women’s Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center?

Women’s only rehab centers have key differences when compared to men’s programs.

All-female programs offer information and guidance specifically for women’s health treatment which can include physical, mental, and emotional support. By discovering just how the female mind and body works, you have a better understanding of not only addiction, but overall health.

Many women abusing substances have a history of trauma, domestic abuse, and sexual abuse. Our qualified counselors provide therapy to help you work through difficult emotions surrounding trauma and abuse. We help you understand how these issues play a key role in your addictive behaviors.

We also give members in our program opportunities for personal growth and development. We can help you learn to express yourself better with art and music therapy. You can experience the joys of strengthening the mind-body connection using yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi. We can even develop an exercise program and meal plan that best fit your goals while in rehabilitation.

Treatments Available at a Women’s Recovery Center

Treatments Available at a Women’s Recovery Center

A quality women’s addiction treatment center offers a full continuum of care. We are at your side every step of the way, providing a comprehensive, evidence-based rehab program where you can get the support you need the first day you decide drug addiction treatment is necessary. We offer treatments for a variety of addictions including women's alcohol rehab, meth, opiates, cocaine, heroin, and much more.

Our programs include:

  • Primary care
  • Dual diagnosis mental health support
  • Women's outpatient treatment
  • Extended care
  • Transitional living
  • Sober living
  • Alumni support and services
  • Supervised drug detox through a partner facility
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to aid with withdrawals from certain substances or drugs
  • Trusted therapy methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing
  • And so much more

During the assessment process, you will learn which programs are most appropriate for you.  We do what we do because it has shown proven results at our facility and within the community. Every person has an individualized plan, which means that a team of experts will get to know you and find out the things you love, what bothers you, and what you really want out of treatment. From there, they cater treatment to your specific wants and needs. For example, if you abused certain drugs to help maintain your weight, we can develop an exercise and meal plan to allow you to look and feel great without using drugs.

Dual Diagnosis Support

People struggling with mental illness are more likely to use drugs and alcohol. If you suffer from any mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks or PTSD, our dual diagnosis mental health support can help address these issues through therapy or medication management. Treating both your addiction and mental health issues greatly increases your chance for success.

What does all that mean for you? We help retrain your brain to get away from addictive tendencies and create new personal habits.

Amenities at our Women’s Therapy and Rehab Center in Scottsdale, Arizona

Many individuals, like you, feel scared or apprehensive about entering a treatment center. After all, it is a huge change from your daily routine. You may wonder what the facility is like. What will they do to help with your drug problem? How will you be treated?

At Pinnacle Peak Recovery, we want you to be as comfortable as possible. This is why we provide several amenities to make your stay pleasant and enjoyable. Not only will the amenities help you feel more comfortable while in treatment, they also give you skills to prepare for life outside of treatment.

Holistic Treatment

More and more people are interested in holistic treatments to help decrease cravings as well as create a better mind/body connection. When living with a strong mind/body connection, you have a better understanding of how your obsessions and compulsions were leading you towards addictive behaviors. We offer classes teaching you yoga therapy, meditation, equine (horse) therapy, Tai chi, and more.

Activities and Skills

One of the keys to a successful recovery is finding new and exciting ways to fill your leisure time that help you stay away from drugs or alcohol. We have several experiential opportunities available that not only help build important life skills, but also expose you to positive outlets that you could do in your free time. This includes exercise regimens, music therapy, art therapy, and scenic hikes near our campus.

Perhaps the thought of leaving your comfort zone and being around a bunch of strangers has you feeling terrified. Don’t worry, you’re not alone with that feeling. But taking that first, brave step to at least consider a drug addiction rehab for women shows you have the courage to make it. After all, many women program members have already successfully completed treatment and are now living drug- free.

Are there Women’s Rehab Centers Near Me in Arizona?

If you live near Scottsdale, Arizona, Pinnacle Peak Recovery provides local women’s alcohol and drug rehab services. As one of the best addiction rehabilitation centers in Arizona, we offer inpatient, outpatient, and several other treatment services.

We also accept people from all across the United States. If you feel like you need a change of scenery, you will love the scenic backdrop of our Scottsdale, Arizona campus.

Is there and Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Pregnant Women?

Getting treatment when you are pregnant may be the most important thing you can do for your baby. Expecting mothers who use drugs and alcohol put their babies at risk for low birth weight, developmental delays, premature birth, and other serious long-term health concerns. Some drug use even results in miscarriage.

If you are pregnant and struggling with substance use, Pinnacle Peak Recovery can help. Our experienced staff has worked with many expecting mothers and will help coordinate appointments with you and your OB-GYN. If you are pregnant and need medical detox, we can help you find options before starting treatment.

Is there Drug Rehab Treatment for Mothers?

Being a mother can be one of the main reasons to get treatment and become a better mother for your children. This is a great reason for entering treatment and a powerful motivator to stay focused while recovering.

Although your children can’t stay with you during treatment, Peak Pinnacle Recovery does offer services allowing to strengthen the bonds of family and repair broken or damaged relationships. During your stay, you have the opportunity to work with our licensed marriage and family therapists about the issues surrounding your family.

We also provide your family with information and resources, so they can better understand your recovery process. After all, your family can be your biggest support system once you complete treatment.

Call Us Today and Get More Information About Our Women’s Treatment Programs

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Imagine a life addiction free. Picture how much better life will be when you’re back in control of your life. Now pick up the phone and take the first step toward realizing that dream.

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